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Rc.No.22,dt.6.4.14 of DEO,Anantapuram regarding Annual Exams Time-Table

The DEO & Chairman,DCEB,Anantapuram vide Rc.No.22/DCEB/2013-14, dt.06.04.2014 has issued the Time-Table for Annual Exams in 2014.
    Annual Exams 2014 Schedule Anantapuram district DOWN LOAD

Memo.No.999,dt.4.4.14, Admission of centrally assisted state plan schemes (like RMSA bills) under GH 12

For copy of Memo.No.999-B/245/A1/BG.1/2014, Finance(BG.I) Department,dt.04.04.2014 CLICK HERE

G.O.78,dt.7.4.14 regarding Payment of Salaries and Pensions on 24th May to State Government Employees

Government vide G.O.Ms.No.78,Finance(TFR)Department,dt.07.04.2014 has ordered to pay the salaries and pensions to Employees and pensioners for the month of May 2014 on 24th May 2014 instead of 2nd June 2014 in view of Public holiday on 01.06.2014 and also in view of appointed date being 2nd June 2014 for formation of Telangana State.
    Copy of above G.O is placed here for your reference and download.

G.O.78,dt.7.4.14 regarding payment of salaries & pensions of May 2014 on 24.05.2014 DOWN LOAD

G.O.1312,dt.4.4.14 regarding State Government norms for remuneration/TA/DA for Assembly and Loksabha elections 2014

Government vide G.O.Rt.No.1312,dt.04.04.2014 has given financial authorisation and norms for remuneration/TA/DA to polling personnel for Assembly and Loksabha elections 2014.

For copy of above G.O.1312,dt.4.4.14 DOWN LOAD

G.O.564,dt.3.4.14, ZPTC/MPTC Election remuneration rates 2014

The Government vide G.O.Ms.No.564,dt.03.04.2014, of the Panchayat raj & Rural development (E&PR)Department has issued orders on payment of TA/DA /Remuneration to polling and counting personnel drafted on election duty to MPTC/ZPTC elections 2014.
    Copy of above G.O is placed here for your reference and download.

G.O.564,dt.3.4.14 Remuneration rates of polling personnel for ZPTC/MPTC elections 2014 DOWN LOAD

Rc.No.51,dt.14.3.14 regarding Half day schools from 15th March

The Director of School education vide Proc.Rc.No.51/E1-1/2013,dt.14.03.2014 has issued necessary instructions regarding Half day schools during summer from 15.03.2014.

Timings : 8.00AM to 12.30PM
In SSC examination centre schools : 1.00PM to 5.00PM

Copy of above proceedings is placed here for your reference and download.

Rc.No.51,dt.14.3.14 Half day schools from 15.3.14 DOWNLOAD

G.O.No.63,dt.7.3.14 regarding CPS withdrawl procedure for State Government CPS Employees

Government vide G.O.Ms.No.63,Finance(Pension-I)Department,dt.07.03.2014 has prescribed the Exit guidelines and the procedures to be followed by the 
stake holders for submitting and forwarding exit / withdrawal proposals.
   Copy of above G.O is placed here for your reference and download.

G.O.63,dt.7.3.14 - New Pension System – Exit Policy – Withdrawal procedures for Subscribers from New Pension System DOWN LOAD
Rc.No.54,dt.11.02.2014 of the SPD,RVM(SSA),Hyd regarding inviting Sarpanches for SMC meetings DOWN LOAD

Rc.No.641,dt.25.02.2014 regarding Feedback of Vindaam Nerchukundaam radio lessons DOWN LOAD

SSC SPOT - 2014

The DEO,Anantapuramu has released the tentative seniority lists of Subject teachers having 3yrs of experience in handling Xclass. Orders for Spot valuation will be sent to the schools as per the requirement.

For SSC Spot - 2014 Lists of Anantapuramu district  CLICK HERE

Rc.No.746,dt.15.2.14 Celebration of School Annual Day function for 2013-14

The SPD,RVM(SSA),AP,Hyd vide Proc.Rc.No.746/RVM(SSA)/C8/2011, dt.15.02.2014 has issued instructions regarding celebration of School Annual Day function for the year 2013-14 in all the Govt.&Local body schools throughout the state.
To download copy of above Orders CLICK HERE

U.O.Note No.20332,dt.1.1.14 regarding continuation of Medical reimbursement facility up to March 2014

Government vide its U.O.Note No.20332/M2/2013,dt.01.01.2014 has stated that Reimbursement of Medical expenses under APIMA Rules,1972 shall continue till March 2014 for those who have not been issued Health cards.Those who have been issued Health cards will, however, avail treatment under the Employees Health scheme.
    To download the copy of above Orders CLICK HERE

G.O.39,dt.12.2.14, Regularization of 28-02-2012 One day strike period as EL / EL to be earned

Government vide G.O.Ms.No.39,Finance(PC-I)Department,dt.12-02-2014 has regularized the One day strike period on 28-02-2012 as EL / EL to be earned.
      To download the copy of above G.O. CLICK HERE

G.O.37,dt.10.02.2014 regarding CFMS - Employee Online data entry date extended up to 25th February 2014

Government vide G.O.Ms.No.37,Finance(SMPC-II)Department,dt.10.02.2014 has extended the date for Online entry of Employee data through CFMS module up to 25th February 2014. Government clearly indicated that no further extension will be given in any circumstances.
      Copy of above G.O is placed here for your reference and download.

G.O.37,dt.10.2.14 Online Employee data entry date extended to 25th February 2014 DOWN LOAD

Encashment of Half Pay leaves to Panchayat Raj Teachers

Important orders issued recently regarding Encashment of Half pay leaves to Panchayat Raj Teachers :

1) Rc.No.118/R1-2/2012,dt.31.01.2014 of Director of School Education,Hyd regarding applicability of Encashment of Half pay leave to the Panchayat Raj Teachers  DOWN LOAD

2) Memo No.7380/PE-Ser-I.2/2012,dt.08.01.2014 of Government of AP, Education(PE.Ser-I)Department regarding applicability of relevant Government orders to the Panchayat Raj and aided institutions DOWN LOAD

G.O.112,dt.1.2.14 Norms for billing and guidelines for utilization of amounts received by the Govt Hospitals under EHS

Government vide G.O.Rt.No.112 Health,Medical & Family welfare(M2) Department,dt.01.02.2014 has issued Norms for Billing and Guidelines for utilization of amounts recieved by the Government hospitals under Employee Health Scheme(EHS).
        Copy of above G.O is placed here for your reference and download.

G.O.112,dt.1.2.14 Norms & Guidelins reg.EHS DOWN LOAD 

AAS SPP-IA 12years Pay Fixation for SGT,LPT,PETs under FR 22a(i) read with FR 31(2)

For complete details regarding 12years Scale Pay fixation for DSC 2001 teachers CLICK HERE

Softwares for Awarding SPP-IA 12 years Scale CLICK HERE

Rc.No.1Special/B-6/2014,dt.25.01.2014 of the DEO,Anantapuramu regarding instructions while submitting Medical Reimbursement claims

The DEO,Anantapuramu vide Rc.No.1Special/B-6/2014,dt.25.01.2014 has issued detailed instructions regarding submission of Medical Reimbursement bills.He further iordered the MEOs and HMs to follow these instructions scrupulously.
      Copy of above orders has been placed here for your reference and download.

To download the above Proceedings CLICK HERE

Download SSC Nominal Rolls March 2014

To Download SSC Nominal Rolls for March 2014 CLICK HERE

Rc.No.31,dt.7.12.13 of the Director,Hyd regarding change of compensatory working day falling on January 26th to 30th March for 13 Seemandhra districts

The Director of School education in his Proc.Rc.No.31/E-1/2011,dt.07.12.2013 has changed the compensatory working day falling on January 26th Republic day to 30th of March.
     Copy of above proceedings is placed here for your reference and download.

Rc.31,dt.7.12.13 Change of January 26th compensatory working day to 30th March DOWN LOAD

G.O.No.16,dt.16.1.14 regarding Extension of CFMS Online Data Entry - Further instructions to DDOs

Government vide G.O.Ms.No.16,Finance(SMPC-II)Department,dt.18.01.2014 has extended the dates of submission for Employee data by DDOs to 27.01.2014. Government further ordered that the pay bills for the month of January 2014 may be admitted without linking it to the submission of Employe data. However, the pay bill of the employees for the month of February 2014 may be passed only after submission of Employee data only.
    Copy of above G.O is placed here for your reference and download.

G.O.16,dt.18.1.14 extension of Employee data submission date to 27.1.14 DOWN LOAD