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Memo.No.11925,dt.30.10.14 Work adjustment of Teachers Within mandal / Nearby mandal

School education Department vide Memo.No.11925/Ser.II/A2/2014, dt.30.10.2014 has requested the Director of School education,Hyderabad to take up the work adjustment of Teachers in Within mandal or Nearby mandal as it is the middle of the academic year.

To download the copy of above Memo.No.11925,dt.30.10.14 CLICK HERE

G.O.207,dt.7.11.14 Contribution of Two days Basic pay to CMRF for HudHud cyclone

G.O.Ms.No.209,Finance(TFR)Department,dt.07.11.2014, Contribution of Two Days Basic Pay to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for utilization of the same for the welfare of the people who suffered from HUD HUD Cyclone DOWN LOAD

G.O.207,dt.6.11.14 Procedure for payment of 10th Class Fee, User charges Online to AP Director of Govt Exams

Government of AP has decided to dispense with the existing system of accepting D.D.s/Challans and to introduce online facility for payment of 
user charges for issuing various certificates and examinations fees pertaining to SSC and other minor examinations conducted by the Director of Government Examinations, A.P., Hyderabad and entrust the work of collection of the above user charges and examination fees to the 10 nationalized banks viz., State bank of India, State Bank of Hyderabad, Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Canara Bank, Central Bank of India, IDBI Bank, Andhra Bank and Vijaya Bank through Cyber Treasury in all divisions of the State of Government of Andhra Pradesh in relaxation of S.R.27 under T.R. 16 of A.P. Treasury Code Volume-I.

For copy of above G.O.207,dt.6.11.14 CLICK HERE

Rc.No.100,dt.1.11.14 of DEO,Anantapuram regarding Antecedents of SGTs of DSC 2006,2008 & 2012 for Service regularization and Probation declaration

The DEO,Anantapuram in Proc.Rc.No.100/B1/B2/2010,dt.01.11.2014 has instructed the MEOs and HMs to collect the Antecedent verification forms from SGTs of DSC 2006,2008 & 2012 for the purpose of Service regularization and Probation declaration.
    For copy of above Proceedings CLICK HERE

To download the Revised Attestation form for Service Regularization CLICK HERE

M E O Transfers - Anantapuram district

After completion of MEO Transfer councelling in Anantapuram district, following is the list of MEOs under Transfer and their new places :

1) Sri Raghavaiah - Atmakur mandal
2) Sri Mallikharjuna - Rapthadu mandal
3) Sri Kullayappa - Guntakal mandal
4) Sri Venugopal - Vajrakarur mandal
5) Sri Bheemappa - Bommanahal mandal
6) Sri Gangappa - Hindupur mandal
7) Sri Kaleemulla - Lepakshi mandal

Health Cards for A.P.Govt Employees G.O.No.s 134 & 135, dt.29.10.14 released!

Government vide G.O.Ms.No.134,Health,Medical & Family welfare(I.1)Dept., dt.29.10.2014 has issued modified orders regarding Employees Health Scheme (EHS) with immediate effect.
    Copy of above G.O is placed here for your reference and download.

G.O.134,dt.29.10.14 on Employees Health Cards DOWN LOAD

Government in G.O.Ms.No.135,Health,Medical & Family welfare(I.1)Dept.,
dt.29.10.2014 has issued detailed guidelines on Out-patient(OP) treatment for chronic ailments.
     Copy of above G.O also is placed here for your reference and download.

G.O.135,dt.29.10.14 on Employees OP treatment for chronic ailments DOWN LOAD

School Monitoring Format (SMF) - Easy calculation methods

Recently School Monitoring Formats (SMF) have been given to all schools for submitting in every quarter. Here are some easy methods for calculating the attendance, class grade and school grade.

For calculating Average Attendance CLICK HERE
For calculating Class Grade CLICK HERE
For calculating School Grade CLICK HERE

Rc.No.783,dt.24.10.14 of SPD,SSA,Hyd Providing part-time instructors in UPS/HS with below 100 roll

The SPD,SSA,Hyd in Proc.Rc.No.783/SSA-AP/A9/2014,dt.24.10.2014 has permitted the DEOs and POs to engage the part-time instructors in UP schools and UP sections of High schools where there is less than 100 enrolment also.

To download the copy of above proceedings CLICK HERE

Rc.No.646,dt.24.10.14 of SPD,SSA,Hyd Child enrolment with Aadhaar Seeding during Janmabhoomi programme

The SPD,SSA,Hyd in Proc.Rc.No.646/SSA/AP/A8/2014,dt.24.10.2014 has requested the DEOs and POs of SSA to complete the child enrolment with aadhaar seeding during the ensuing Janmabhoomi programme without fail.

To download the above copy of Proceedings CLICK HERE

G.O.No.2597,dt.21.10.14 Procedure for claiming Bills prior to AP bifurcation

Government through G.O.Rt.No.2597,Finance(Budget.II)Department, dt.21.10.2014 has issued procedure and clarification for claiming Bills prior to AP bifurcation.

G.O.No.2597,dt.21.10.14 Procedure for claiming Bills prior to AP bifurcation DOWN LOAD

Rc.No.25,dt.20.10.14 of Director, Hyd regarding Providing of Subject Teachers in needy schools on Work adjustment

The Director of School education, Hyderabad vide Proc.Rc.No.25/Estt-2-1/2014, dt.20.10.2014 has issued instructions regarding the procedure to be followed for providing of subject teachers in needy schools on work adjustment basis.
     Copy of above proceedings is placed here for your reference and download.

Rc.No.25,dt.20.10.14 Work adjustment guidelines DOWN LOAD

G.O.198,dt.9.10.14 DA 77.896% to AP State Govt Employees from 1st July 2014

Govt of AP Vide G.O.Ms.No.198,Finance(HRM.V)Department,dt.09.10.2014 has enhanced the DA for State Government employees from 71.904% to 77.896% with effect from 1st July,2014.

-->The DA raised shall be paid in cash with the salary of October,2014 payable on 1st November,2014.

-->The arrears for the period from 1st July,2014 to 30th September,2014 shall be credited to the PF accounts of the employees.

-->In the case of employees who are due to retire on or before 31stJanuary, 2015 the arrears of Dearness Allowance shall be drawn and paid in cash.

-->In respect of the employees who are under CPS, 10% of the DA arrears shall be credited to the PRAN accounts of the individuals and the remaining 90% of arrears shall be paid in cash. 

To download the 77.896% D.A G.O.No.198,dt.9.10.14 CLICK HERE

To download 77.896% D.A Table CLICK HERE

Circular dt.20.09.2014 of SPD,SSA,Hyd regarding Transport allowance to School children for 2014

The SPD,SSA,Hyd in Circular Lr.No.Spl/SPD/SSA/AP/Peshi/2014,dt.20.09.2014 has directed to utilize School grant for paying Transport allowance for Children.

To download the above Circular CLICK HERE

G.O.No.3337,dt.2.10.14 Holiday for Bakrid festival changed to 6th in AP

Govt vide G.O.Rt.No.3337,GAD(Poll.A)Dept.,dt.02.10.2014 has declared 06.10.2014(Monday) as General holiday on the occasion of BAKRID instead of 05.10.2014(Sunday) and 14.10.2014(Tuesday) as Optional holiday on the occasion of Eid-e-Gadeer instead of 13.10.2014(Monday) declared earlier.

For copy of above G.O.No.337,dt.2.10.14 CLICK HERE

G.O.No.196,dt.1.10.14 Extension of lifting of Ban on Transfers up to 31st October,2014

The Govt of AP vide G.O.Ms.No.196,Finance(DCM-II)Department, dt.01.10.2014 has extended the ban on transfers up to 31.10.2014. If any employee is under order of transfer he/she shall be relieved after 20.10.2014 only.

For copy of G.O.196,dt.1.10.14 CLICK HERE

Rc.No.118,dt.29.9.14 Cancellation of DCEBs in Andhra Pradesh

The Director of School education,AP,Hyd vide Proc.Rc.No.118/A&1/2014, dt.29.09.2014 has cancelled the DCEBs in Andhra Pradesh stating that under RTE -2009, each school has to prepare question Paper for "Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation" but not District CommonExamination Board as they have no longer relevant because of Change of Exam Syllabus/system. 
    Copy of above proceedings is placed here for your reference and download.

Rc.No.118,dt.29.9.14 Cancellation of DCEBs in AP DOWN LOAD

MEOs Transfers Anantapur District

For Proceedings Rc.No.3114,dt.26.9.14 of RJD,Kadapa on MEO Transfers DOWN LOAD

For MEO Vacancies, Anantapur district DOWN LOAD

Transfer application for MEOs DOWN LOAD 

Rc.No.1292,dt.23.9.14 of Director of School education, Hyd regarding MEO Transfers Schedule & Guidelines

The Director of School education, Hyd vide Proc.Rc.No.1292/C(3-1)Estt.2-1/ 2012,dt.23.09.2014 has issued instructions regarding MEOs Transfer schedule and guidelines.
   Copy of above proceedings is placed here for your reference and download.

Rc.No.1292,dt.23.9.14 MEO Transfers & Guidelines DOWN LOAD

G.O.No.226,dt.23.9.14, Release of Grant for Toilet maintenance and Drinking water in Schools

Govt vide G.O.Rt.No.226,School education(PROG.II)Dept.,dt.23.09.2014 has given approval of Maintenance grant for an amount of Rs.23,16,00,000 (Rupees Twenty three crores and sixteen lakhs) towards maintenance of drinking water and toilets in the Govt/ZP/MPP schools in 13 distrists in the State. 

The Maintenance Grant for Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools is as 

Primary Schools with more than 60 students - Rs.1,000/- P.M. 

Upper Primary Schools with more than 100 students - Rs.1,500/- P.M. 

High Schools with more than 150 students - Rs.2,500/- P.M. 

For copy of above G.O.226,dt.23.9.14 CLICK HERE

G.O.No.29.dt.23.9.14, Constitution of expert committee on Examination reforms for class IX and X

Govt vide G.O.Ms.No.29,School education(PROG.II)Dept.,dt.23.09.2014 has kept abeyance on the previous G.O.17,dt.14.5.14 for academic year 2014-15 only. Further, Govt has constituted an expert committee on examination reforms for class IX and X so as to implement them from the academic year 2015-16. 

For copy of above G.O.29.dt.23.9.14 CLICK HERE

G.O.No.322,dt.22.9.14, Deputy Tahsildars can issue Income Certificates

Govt vide G.O.Ms.No.322,Revenue(SER.II)Dept.,dt.22.09.2014 has authorized the "Deputy Tahsildars" in Tahsil offices as competent authorities for issue of Income Certificates in addition to Tahsildars.

For copy of the above G.O.322,dt.22.9.14 CLICK HERE

G.O.No.194,dt.22.9.14 regarding Revised orders on final encashment of ELs due to reorganization

The Govt of AP vide G.O.Ms.No.194,Finance(HR.VII)Dept.dt.22.09.2014 has issued revised procedural instructions for drawl of amount on final encashment of ELs due to state reorganization.

For copy of G.O.194,Finance(HR.VII)Dept,dt.22.9.14 CLICK HERE 

U-DISE 2014 Schedule and Instructions

For copy of Rc.No.1417/SSA-AP/A9/2014,dt.19.09.2014 of SPD, SSA, Hyd regarding Tentative schedule and instructions about U-DISE 2014 CLICK HERE

For copy of Instructions to Head masters on filling of U-DISE forms CLICK HERE

For copy of Instructions for submission of U-DISE forms CLICK HERE

Revised Summative - I Exam dates 7.10.14 to 14.10.14

The SPD,SSAAP,Hyd in her Rc.No.43/SSA/A3/2014,dt.13.09.2014 has announced the new Time Table for conducting of Summative - I Examinations.
The Summative - I Examinations will be conducted from 07.10.2014 to 14.10.2014 after Dasara Holidays.
Primary - From 07.10.2014 to 10.10.2014
Upper Primary - From 07.10.2014 to 14.10.2014
    To download the copy of above orders CLICK HERE