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Rc.No.302,dt.17.7.14 of Director,Hyd regarding AP 9th,10th Exams in old pattern - No change in existing AP SSC Exam System

The Director of School education, Hyderabad vide Proc.Rc.No.302/E1-1/A&1/ 2009,dt.17.07.2014 has informed that there will not be any change in the conduct of IX and X class examinations.The pattern followed the previous years will be continued and there will be no change either in the no.of papers or marks. 
Rc.No.302,dt.17.7.14 reg. no change in IX and X class exam pattern DOWN LOAD

School Academic Calendar 2014-15 for Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools

School Academic Calendar 2014-15 for Primary School  DOWN LOAD

School Academic Calendar 2014-15 for Upper primary and High Schools DOWN LOAD

Rc.999,dt.17.7.14 of DSE,Hyd, Instructions on FAC to Mandal Educational Officer - MEO posts

Proc.Rc.No.999/(C3-2)/Estt.2-1/2014,dt.17.07.2014 of the Director of School Education,Hyderabad regarding FAC to MEO posts in the state DOWN LOAD

DCEB Holidays List 2014-15 Anantapuram district

For DCEB Holidays List for 2014-15 CLICK HERE

Work Adjustment in High Schools 2014 Anantapuram district

The DEO,Anantapuram has released the list of Teachers under work adjustment and instructed the concerned Headmasters / MEOs to relieve them immediately.

Proceedings of DEO for Word adjustment 2014 DOWN LOAD

Work adjustment List Anantapur division DOWN LOAD

Work adjustment List Dharmavaram division DOWN LOAD

Work adjustment List Gooty division DOWN LOAD

Work adjustment List Penukonda division DOWN LOAD

Memo.4179,dt.2.7.14 Finance department clarifications on enhancement of retirement age to 60 years

Circular Memo No/4179/14/HRM IV/2014,dt.02.07.2014 of Finance Department regarding clarifications on enhancement of Retirement age to 60 years DOWN LOAD 

Rc.NO.07,dt.28.6.14 School Grants & Maintenance Grants 2014-15 utilization and Certain instructions

Proc.Rc.No.07/SSA/A3/2014,dt.28.06.2014 of the SPD,SSA,Hyd regarding certain instructions given on utilization of School and Maintenance Grants for the financial year 2014-15 DOWN LOAD

Work Adjustment of SGTs 2014-15, Anantapuram district

Work adjustment of SGTs in all Mandals (Not for UPS / SAs) as per G.O.55, dt.23.4.11 CLICK HERE

Memo.No.654,dt.21.6.14, Muslim employees can leave office by 4PM during Ramzan

Circular Memo No.654/POLL.A(3)/2014,dt.21.06.2014, Muslim employees can leave offices / schools at 4.00PM on all working days during Ramzan DOWN LOAD

SSC Model question papers as per New Syllabus

SSC (10th class) Model Question Papers as per New pattern (New syllabus) 

Telugu Model Question Paper DOWN LOAD
Hindi Model Question Paper DOWN LOAD
English Model Question Paper DOWN LOAD
Maths Model Question Paper DOWN LOAD
Physical science Model Question Paper DOWN LOAD
Biology Model Question Paper DOWN LOAD
Social studies Model Question Paper DOWN LOAD

Rc.No.01,dt.24.6.14 of the Director of School Education, Hyderabad reg Urdu school timings in Ramzan

Rc.No.01/U.C/2014,dt.24.06.2014 of the Director of School Education regarding Urdu school timings in Ramzan DOWN LOAD

Enhancement of Retirement age from 58yrs to 60yrs of AP Employees

AP Gazette Notification on enhancement of Retirement age from 58yrs to 60yrs  DOWN LOAD

G.O.Ms.No.63,Law(F)Department,dt.27.06.2013 regarding enhancement of retirement age from 58 to 60yrs DOWN LOAD

G.O.Ms.NO.147,Finance(HRM IV)Department,dt.30.06.2014 regarding enhancement of retirement age - applicability to various categories DOWN LOAD

Rc.No.142,dt.21.6.14 regarding Primary Teachers Trainings from 1.7.14 to 31.8.14

Rc.No.142/SSA/A3/2014,dt.21.06.2014 of the State Project Director, SSA, Hyderabad regarding inservice Teacher Trainings at primary level from 01.07.2014 to 31.08.2014  DOWN LOAD

Teachers from S.T.F have joined into our Union at Madakasira on 23.06.2014

On 23.06.2014 Several Teachers have joined into our U.T.F at Madakasira. The Leaders Sri K.Bhuthanna, P.Suryanarayana, V.N.Maalingappa, Y.Jogappa, T.Adinarayana. P.N.Rangaiah, Mudlagirappa, Harshavardhan, Lingappa, Nanjappa, Venkatesu, Narasimhamurthy, Venkataramudu, R.Adiseshaiah along with several Teachers have taken the U.T.F membership. U.T.F Dist.Hon.President Sri Zeelan, State Secretary Sri C.K.Nagendrababu, Dist.President Sri K.Nagendra, Dist.Gen.Secretary Sri Koteswarappa, Dist.Secretaries Sri N.Vijayabhaskar, S.Venugopal reddy, M.Sudhakar, Maruthi Prasad, Dist.Audit committee convener Sri Sainath babu, Madakasira mandal President Sri Narasimhappa have accompanied the programme.

Z P P F Slips for 2011-12 in Online Anantapuram district

Z P P F Slips for the financial year 2011-12 are now available for employees in online. 

To download the ZPPF slips CLICK HERE

1) For Local GPF Number Enter your ZPPF Number
2) For Password Enter EMPxxxxxxxxx  (EMP Your ZPPF number without space)

Rc.No.1485,dt.22.5.14, Instructions on relieving of 2013 transferred but not yet relieved Teachers

The Director of School education, Hyd vide Proc.Rc.No.1485.D31-2014, dt.22.05.2014 has issued detailed instructions regarding relieving of Teachers who were transferred in 2013 transfer counseling but not relieved yet. He further instructed the DEOs to send detailed report to the RJDs and the RJDs will further examine the conditions and shall send the same to the Director of School education for approval.
      Copy of above proceedings is placed here for your reference and download.

Rc.1485,dt.22.5.14 reg. Relieving of teachers transferred in 2013 but not relieved yet DOWN LOAD

G.O.102,dt.14.5.14, New D.A for State Government employees raised from 63.344% to 71.904%

Government vide G.O.Ms.No.102,Finance(PC-I)Department,dt.14.05.2014 has raised the D.A for State Government employees from 63.344% to 71.904% with effect from 1st January,2014.
The D.A arrears from 01.01.2014 to 30.04.2014 will be credited to the P.F accounts of the employees and cash will be paid with the salary of May 2014.

To download the G.O.102,dt.14.5.14 New D.A 71.904% wef 1.1.14 

To download the D.A table useful for Mandal Unit / District Unit CLICK HERE  (with courtesy of Sri Nageswara rao, UTF Kadapa dist.)

RVM Guidelines for organizing Summer Camps for Low achievers of Classes 1-5

Guidelines of RVM for conducting Summer camps for low achievers of classes 1-5 CLICK HERE

G.O.95,dt.6.5.14, June 1st (Oneday) salary payment along with the salary of May 2014

Government vide G.O.Ms.No.5,Finance(TFR)Department,dt.06.05.2014 has decided to pay one day salary to the State Government employees for 01.06.2014 along with the salary of May, 2014 i.e. on 24.05.2014 except those who are retiring on superannuation in the month of May, 2014 in view of the Public Holiday on 01.06.2014 and also in view of appointed date being 2nd June, 2014. 
     Cop of above G.O is provided here for your reference and download.

G.O.95,dt.6.5.14 Payment of June 1st (Oneday) salary along with May 2014 salary DOWN LOAD

Details and necessary Govt orders regarding Remuneration, TA/DA for Polling Staff General Elections - 2014

UTF State Committee detailed press note regarding payment of TA & DA along with remuneration for Polling staff DOWN LOAD

G.O.Ms.No.543,General Administration(Elections-C)Department,dt.09.12.2005 regarding rates of TA/DA for polling staff DOWN LOAD

Lr.No.464/INST-PAY/2014-EPS,dt.28.02.2014 of Election commission of India regarding remuneration for Polling staff DOWN LOAD

G.O.Rt.No.1312,General Administration(Elections-C)Department, dt.09.12.2005 regarding remuneration,TA/DA to Polling staff DOWN LOAD

Rc.No.22,dt.6.4.14 of DEO,Anantapuram regarding Annual Exams Time-Table

The DEO & Chairman,DCEB,Anantapuram vide Rc.No.22/DCEB/2013-14, dt.06.04.2014 has issued the Time-Table for Annual Exams in 2014.
    Annual Exams 2014 Schedule Anantapuram district DOWN LOAD

Memo.No.999,dt.4.4.14, Admission of centrally assisted state plan schemes (like RMSA bills) under GH 12

For copy of Memo.No.999-B/245/A1/BG.1/2014, Finance(BG.I) Department,dt.04.04.2014 CLICK HERE

G.O.78,dt.7.4.14 regarding Payment of Salaries and Pensions on 24th May to State Government Employees

Government vide G.O.Ms.No.78,Finance(TFR)Department,dt.07.04.2014 has ordered to pay the salaries and pensions to Employees and pensioners for the month of May 2014 on 24th May 2014 instead of 2nd June 2014 in view of Public holiday on 01.06.2014 and also in view of appointed date being 2nd June 2014 for formation of Telangana State.
    Copy of above G.O is placed here for your reference and download.

G.O.78,dt.7.4.14 regarding payment of salaries & pensions of May 2014 on 24.05.2014 DOWN LOAD

G.O.1312,dt.4.4.14 regarding State Government norms for remuneration/TA/DA for Assembly and Loksabha elections 2014

Government vide G.O.Rt.No.1312,dt.04.04.2014 has given financial authorisation and norms for remuneration/TA/DA to polling personnel for Assembly and Loksabha elections 2014.

For copy of above G.O.1312,dt.4.4.14 DOWN LOAD

G.O.564,dt.3.4.14, ZPTC/MPTC Election remuneration rates 2014

The Government vide G.O.Ms.No.564,dt.03.04.2014, of the Panchayat raj & Rural development (E&PR)Department has issued orders on payment of TA/DA /Remuneration to polling and counting personnel drafted on election duty to MPTC/ZPTC elections 2014.
    Copy of above G.O is placed here for your reference and download.

G.O.564,dt.3.4.14 Remuneration rates of polling personnel for ZPTC/MPTC elections 2014 DOWN LOAD