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OPTION ENTRY FORM (RPS2015) for Online Entry in AP Treasury website

Option Entry form for Online Entry in Treasury website DOWN LOAD


G.O.85,dt.8.7.15 PRC arrears to be drawn in HRMS module

Government vide G.O.Ms.No.85,Finance (HRM V.PC) Dept., dt.08.07.2015 has issued instructions to draw the PRC arrears from HRMS module from Treasury website.

To download the copy of above G.O. CLICK HERE

G.O.367,dt.6.7.15 Medical Reimbursement facility extended up to 31st December 2015

Government in G.O.Rt.No.367,Health Medical & Family welfare(I.1) Department, dt.06.07.2015 has extended the existing Medical reimbursement facility up 31st December 2015.

For copy of above G.O. CLICK HERE

Municipal employees retirement age extended to 60 years

Municipal administration department vide G.O. Ms.No.167,MA&UD Dept.,dt.29.06.2015 has extended the retirement age of municipal employees from 58years to 60years.

For copy of above G.O. CLICK HERE

Memo No.3856,dt.23.6.15 Aided staff PRC implementation procedure guidelines

Government in Circular Memo No.3856-A/29-A2/HRM-V.PC/2014-1,dt.23.06.2015 has issued the PRC implementation procedure guidelines for Aided staff.

To download copy the above orders CLICK HERE

ROC.No.3292,dt.15.6.15 Tablet PCs to Municipal High School Head masters

Municipal administration department in ROC.No.3292/2015/J2,DT.15.06.2015 has decided to issue Tablet PCs to all Municipal High school Head masters to cope up with ongoing initiatives in schools.

To download the copy of above orders CLICK HERE

Lr.Rc.No.746,dt.22.6.15 tenure of present SMCs will complete by 29.6.15

The SPD,SSA in her Lr.Rc.No. 746/SSA/CA/2015,dt.22.06.2015 has informed that the tenure for present SMCs will expire on 29.06.2015 and in their place MEOs will act as in charge chairpersons.

Rc.No.2,dt.18.6.15 regarding School readiness programme from 22nd June to 5th August

The SPD,SSA has instructed to conduct  School readiness programme for I & II classes and Class readiness programme from II to X classes from 22nd June to 5th August 2015.

To download copy of above programme CLICK HERE

G.O.69,dt.12.6.15 Imposing ban on Transfers in view of MLC elections

Government in G.O.69,Finance Dept.,dt.12.06.2015 has again imposed Ban on transfers and postings of employees in view of MLC elections.
To download the copy of above G.O. CLICK HERE

PRC G.O.s 66, 67, 68 regarding Consolidation of Pension, Stagnation increments and Automatic advancement scheme released!

1) G.O.66,Finance Dept.,dt.12.06.2015 regarding sanction of additional quantum of pension to pensioners DOWN LOAD

2) G.O.67,Finance Dept.,dt.12.06.2015 rega ding sanction of stagnation increments in PR C DOWN LOAD

3) G.O.68,Finance Dept.,dt.12.06.2015 regarding implementing Automatic advancement scheme(AAS) in PRC DOWN LOAD

G.O.65,dt.10.6.15 Modification of payment schedule in Treasuries

Government in G.O.Ms.No.65,Finance Dept., dt.10.06.2025 has amended the Payment schedule for authorization of Bills in Treasuries.
To download the copy of above G.O. CLICK HERE

Rc.No.25,dt.6.6.15 of Director of School Education, AP, Hyd regarding Rationalization of Primary schools

Government in Proc.Rc.No.25/Estt-3/2015,dt.06.06.2015 has issued guidelines for Rationalization of Primary Schools in AP and it is instructed to complete the entire process before 15.06.2015.

To download the copy of Rc.25,dt.6.6.15 Rationalization of Primary Schools CLICK HERE

To know the District wise abstract of Rationalization CLICK HERE 

Primary, UP and High Schools 2015-16 Academic Calendars

Academic Calendar 2015-16 for Primary Schools  DOWN LOAD

Academic Calendar 2015-16 for UP and Highschools DOWN LOAD

Guidelines for Badi Pilustondi Programme from June 3rd to 7th

For Information regarding Badi Pilustondi Programme CLICK HERE

Memo.No.3856,dt.26.5.15 Procedural instructions for fixation of Pay in RPS 2015

Finance Department in Circular Memo.No.3856-A/29/A2/HRM-V.PC/2014, dt.26.05.2014 has issued the Procedural instructions for fixation of pay of employees in RPS 2015.
     Copy of above Circular Memo is placed here for your reference and download.

Cir.Memo.No.3856 of Fin.,Dept.,dt.26.05.2015 DOWN LOAD

Rationalization meeting review details

Recently commissioner has conducted a meeting with all Teacher unions on Rationalization & Transfers. In this regard, review details on Rationalization & Transfers is provided here for your reference and understanding.

For Rationalization meeting review details  CLICK HERE

Meeting of Commissioner, School Education with Recognized&Registered Teacher Unions on 16-05-2015

The Commissioner of School Education, AP, Hyderabad in Lr.Rc.No.01/A&I/2015, dt.12.05.2015 has arranged a meeting with Recognized & Registered Teacher Unions at 11.00AM on 16.05.2015 at the conference hall in the Commissioner's Office to discuss their pending issues.

For copy of above Lr.Rc.No.01,dt.12.5.15 Page 1 CLICK HERE 

For copy of above Lr.Rc.No.01,dt.12.5.15 Page2 CLICK HERE

P.R.C. G.O.s 46, 47, 48 & 49 have been released !!

Government has released the following P.R.C. G.O.s 

1)G.O.Ms.No.46,Finance(HR-V-PC) Dept.,dt.30.04.2015 regarding 43% fitment in RPS 2015 & 
2)G.O.Ms.No.47, Finance(HR-V-PC)Dept.,dt.30.04.2015 regarding Regulation of D.A in PRC 2015 
3)G.O.Ms.No.48, Finance(HR-V-PC) Dept.,dt.30.04.2015 regarding HRA in RPS 2015
3)G.O.Ms.No.49, Finance(HR-V-PC) Dept.,dt.30.04.2015 regarding CCA in RPS 2015

Above G.O.s have been placed here for your reference and download.

G.O.46,dt.30.4.15 RPS 2015 DOWN LOAD

G.O.47,dt.30.4.15 D.A in RPS 2015 DOWN LOAD

 G.O.48,dt.30.4.15 H.R.A in RPS 2015 DOWN LOAD

 G.O.49,dt.30.4.15 C.C.A in RPS 2015 DOWN LOAD

> Separate orders will be given detailing the payment of PRC arrears from 02.06.2014 to 31.03.2015

> The benefit of RPS 2015 would be paid in cash starting from the salary of April 2015

> Revised D.A rates 
   from 01.01.2014  :  5.24%
   from 01.07.2014  :  8.908% 

The PRC arrear claims shall be processed through Online in Human Resource Management (HRM) and Module of the Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS). But Government has announced that CFMS will come into force with effect from 01.07.2015. It clearly indicates lapse in submission of PRC arrear claims and fixations.

AP Model schools New admission guidelines

Govt vide G.O.No.22 has issued new guidelines for admission into Model schools.
To download the copy of above G.O. CLICK HERE

G.O.254, Medical reimbursement extended up to 30.6.15

Government vide G.O.Rt.No.254,dt.30.06.2015 has extended the Medical reimbursement facility for Government employees up to 30.06.2015 along with Employee Health scheme in parallel.

To download the copy of above G.O. CLICK HERE

CFMS complete video tutorials for DDOs / Employees

For CFMS Complete Video tutorials for DDOs / Employees  CLICK HERE

Step by step guide to DDOs for Employee updation at CFMS portal

Step by step guide to DDOs for Employee updation at CFMS portal

G.O.45,dt.21.4.15   Finance Department – Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) –Instructions furnish Data and administrative hierarchies and implementation of budget distribution through CFMS– Orders – Issued  DOWN LOAD

User Manual for DDOs on CFMS Employee updation  DOWN LOAD